PowerShell Now Available on Linux and Mac

Windows PowerShell
Windows PowerShell

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Windows PowerShell is one of my favorite automation and scripting platforms to leverage as an IT Professional when managing Windows based networks. I was never a big automation or scripting guy until I realized the power (pun intended) that PowerShell could offer to many of the repetitive and time consuming tasks that I used to do manually. I really love the direction that Microsoft is going with PowerShell and I love the fact that the new CEO Satya Nadella has embraced the open source community with full force and decided to make their products more open to the public and the entire IT community. I think this new methodology, this new approach and attitude that Microsoft has will allow them to continue to win.

Where you see products like VMware vSphere which are great products and at one time where the 100lb gorilla in the virtualization space, they are stalling a little in sales but maybe due to the innovations that Microsoft has been making in their virtualization product Hyper-V and making things more “open” and collaborative so that they can integrate well with other technologies. PowerShell is very intuitive but extremely effective and I think for traditional Microsoft “GUI” guys like myself we have a tool that we can use to manage our entire Windows infrastructure whereas in the past you had to use various command line tools from Visual Basic Scripting to DOS batch files, etc. The big difference now is as we invest in PowerShell learning the tool, leveraging all that it can do we can manage Linux and Mac based systems which is terrific news!

As the Cloud and Virtualization continue to evolve companies will undoubtedly seek to leverage a variety of systems not just Windows and its very smart for Microsoft to seize the opportunity to work with the open source community which for a long time there was at least in my opinion a love hate relationship between Linux and Microsoft. Just think of the possibilities with having Microsoft’s premier automation/scripting language available to be used in Linux and Mac.

According to Jeffrey Snover from Microsoft PowerShell is currently available on Ubuntu, Centos, Red Hat and Mac OS X. They will be adding more platforms in the future.

Check out this page which includes more information including a video with Jeffrey Snover explaining all the benefits of PowerShell on Linux and sharing several demonstrations on how you would use it. I look forward to testing out PowerShell on Linux, I will be sharing how-to videos demonstrations on this blog soon!

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